Just then, a shadow flashed behind the king, and in that shadow, a man came out of it, and it was an old man who looked like a fairy wind.
The old man said, "Respect the Daming Temple and don’t be afraid. It’s just a trick played by a three-year-old child."
"ah! Buddhist, you have finally come. "The old man appeared in Watanabe, and it seems that he caught a lifeline to detain him.
And ten lang heard that the old man actually insulted himself that fencing was a trick of a three-year-old child, so he was angry. "Hey, I said, old man, are you the one who claims to be able to refine the immortal medicine?" I think you are the kind of person who will play tricks and cheat. "
The old man said, "What a rude boy …"
Shiro didn’t say much. Although he didn’t know the details of the old man, Shiro was always bold and decided to test the old man’s reality first.
See Shiro slowly pull out a long sword, but it seems extraordinary to see that the blade of this sword is completely dark and flashing with cold mountain.
Hengshan ten soldiers who are well-informed recognized the origin of this sword and exclaimed, "That’s … that’s black knife autumn waters …"
Shiro’s sword in both hands and his eyes closed as if he were gathering strength for half an instant. Shiro suddenly opened his eyes and drank a light drink, "Flying Sky, Imperial Sword, Dragon Nest Flash!"
Chapter 19 thrilling honeymoon
One second, they saw a gorgeous black mountain flash across, and then they saw Shiro’s black knife inserted into the mysterious old man’s chest.
Just when all the people were surprised that Shiro killed the mysterious old man with one move, the scene was even more shocking. Instead of being killed, the old man held the black knife that penetrated his chest tightly with his left hand, and the right hand pulled out a shuttle-shaped weapon from his arms and stabbed Shiro.
A swordsman, Shiro, has long been aware of the sword’s existence and the sword’s destruction. Even if he abruptly carries the old man and blows Shiro, he will never let go because Shiro thinks it is a shame for a swordsman.
But what’s more dramatic is that the old man didn’t put his weapon into Shiro’s key, but drew a blood stain on Shiro’s face gently. Then the old man licked the weapon and the blood monster laughed. "Hehe … the blood of the young swordsman is really delicious and sad. Let me help you with the funeral. Baal’s adult will definitely like you very much."
Said Yan ghost, put Shiro’s weapon and put your hands together to pray for a strange ceremony.
Shiro felt the black knife loose and then suddenly pulled it out and quickly flashed aside. Although Shiro didn’t know what the old man named Yan was going to do, people were naturally alert and let Shiro back to one side for standby.
At this moment, what is the situation when the seven nights and the temporary seventh class arrive to see the ghost posture and the horse turns white after seven nights?
High-handed saw a yellow shadow mixed with purple mountain flash, but the mysterious figure of Yan ghost’s feet was not finished yet, so it was cut off by the Excalibur of Seven Nights.
However, even if the head is cut off, it seems to be painful for Yan ghosts to see Yan ghosts fly to one side and their heads are not angry. "Who are you to interrupt my ceremony? You know, it is a felony to destroy the festival of Baal at will, and you will be punished."
Seven nights mouth raise a smile light tunnel "I’m a theist, you that what nonsense Baal to me the root can be thick" to seven nights heart and thought "I didn’t expect this old man named Yan ghost to also add gold to teach people don’t know what is Hidan? I’m afraid I didn’t know Shiro had been killed by him just now if I hadn’t come at the right time. "
Yan ghost heard seven nights insulting his faith and couldn’t help but be flustered. "Good, good, you dare to insult Baal’s adult. Today, the Ministry of Human Resources is going to do Baal’s adult sacrifice."
Yan ghost voice down his head body incredibly independent seal and then listen to Yan ghost light drink a "forbearance, manipulation of the corpse soul"
Smell a rustling sound. The guards who were killed by Shiro actually came back to life to see these guards’ eyes red and dead, as if they were reborn as evil spirits.
Where has the Hengshan family seen such a shocking scene? Most people are shivering for this scene, and a few timid women are even more scared and fainted.
And Sasuke, Naruto, Xiao Li and Shiro have already exhibited thrilling hand-to-hand combat with these guards. What is thrilling? Because these resurrected dead bodies are not afraid of death or pain, even if their bodies are split in half, they will still be stitched back together.
Ziji and Xiao four groups have analyzed and dealt with their abilities one by one for seven nights after the war. Although they haven’t figured out how to deal with Misguro Sasuke for seven nights, they have already dealt with the other three people for seven nights.
Seven nights in the Konoha Reference Room, I read the materials of Jiajin religion, a branch of Ahriman Shinrikyo, which Hidan believed in, and found a way to deal with it.
From all kinds of characteristics, it seems that this nightmare and Hidan belong to the same sect. They did not join and resurrect the guards for seven nights, but seized the source of evil.
Gnome male-"….." Yan ghost abuse laughed "believe in Baal’s adult, but I am immortal. Whatever you do is just waiting to be torn to pieces by my loyal slaves."
These resurrected guards seem to be manipulated by a ghost. Puppets are not afraid of death, pain or fatigue, but Naruto is different. They will eventually have physical strength and chakra will run out. Although it is said that these "puppets" can’t take them for the time being, it is only a matter of time.
However, this Yan ghost is unlucky and has made a special analysis and response to his ability for seven nights.
"Don’t be too happy, old man. You should know that since I have the ability to interrupt your ceremony, I have the ability to crack all your tricks." After seven nights, I added, "If I guess correctly, you should be a Jiajin member of the Shinrikyo branch of Tangyin Village."
Yan ghost listened to seven nights and revealed his background. "You … how do you know …"
Seven nights irrelevant answer to sigh "ah ~! It is said that Tangyin Village is a beautiful village with rich natural resources. Of course, this beauty means that everyone here believes in pacifism, but some people are very eager for war. They are very anxious about this pacifism, so the so-called Baal Shinrikyo has been produced for a long time, resulting in your extreme points. "
After a seven-night meal, I continued, "If I didn’t guess wrong, you wouldn’t be refining any secret medicine for immortality. You are using this to make Lou Guo become a target, and you can experience the abnormal pleasure of longing for war in the conquest of various countries."
"Ha ha ….." Yan ghost laughed. "I didn’t expect to be seen through by you, but now it’s too late. I believe Louguo will become a wonderful place full of smoke soon."
Watanabe, the famous name of Lou Guo, told his true purpose when he heard the Buddhist teacher he admired. He was so sorry and angry that he took out his waist saber and slammed it at Yan Ghost’s head.
"Don’t …" Seven nights never imagined that Lou Guo’s name would do such a stupid thing. He hasn’t come to stop Yan Ghost’s head from being split in two.
Just then Yan ghost was split in the head and emitted a mass of black gas, which directly attacked the name of the building country. Seeing the name of the building country between the eyebrows, the whole body and face suddenly twisted up for a while, and soon it turned into a bloody alien monster. How disgusting is it?
Listen to the monster’s mouth, "Hehe, just give him so many pills to get his body. I didn’t expect this fool to wait ~! It’s wonderful to be young! " This timbre is the nightmare just now.
Seven nights frightened and said, "Add gold to teach the corpse soul to turn around!"
"I didn’t expect you to know a lot. Now that I’ve done this, it’s all over."
Chapter 2 thrilling honeymoon
Seven nights confidently smiled, "It’s time to end, but this sentence is more appropriate for me." Say seven nights’ hands are really thunder Excalibur and attack Yan ghosts.
Yan Ghost’s modeling is in line with his name at this time. His corpse-soul turning technique can not only play a role of rebirthing or adding a secret curse to the second state, but also greatly improve his physical strength, strength and speed.
See seven nights to attack Yan ghost, that is, to meet Gu’s real thunder Excalibur dare not face its sharpness. Although he said that he would not die if he was stabbed by that sword, the pain and the unique paralysis of the real thunder Excalibur were very uncomfortable. He had already experienced it when he cut off his head just seven nights ago.
After several rounds of fighting, the two men knew that this Yan ghost did not dare to fight with his sword in his hand, so he deliberately sold a flaw. Yan ghost was trapped for seven nights and swept away by the sword for seven nights.
At this time, Yan Ghost’s physical state is much higher, but it is true that Lei Excalibur can be said to be a sword created by Muyeyin Village, and its sharpness is naturally serious. If Yan Ghost didn’t dodge for seven nights when he rose by his physique, the blade must have stopped him just now.
Rao is such a nightmare ghost’s abdomen is still scratched by seven nights’ shock wave. Although this kind of injury is nothing to Yan ghost, the unique paralysis attack of the real thunder Excalibur affects his body context.
At this moment, Yan Ghost’s feet were suddenly stretched out and pulled tightly with one hand, followed by the magnetic sound of "Earth Dun, beheading in the heart!"
It turns out that Seven Nights secretly released an avatar to the ground when it was a flaw to seduce Yan ghosts. That is to say, Seven Nights has considered that if his flaw is unsuccessful, then the avatar on the ground can take the opportunity to make up for this shortcoming. It can be said that this is a battle that is finished in the calculation of seven nights.
Yan Ghost was pulled to the ground by the decapitation in the Seven Nights’ Heart, leaving his head exposed. The original Yan Ghost’s ability is that he can’t be trapped, but his body was paralyzed by the Excalibur of Real Ray, and he couldn’t be powerful for a while, chakra.
And seven nights obviously won’t give him a chance to reply. Seeing seven nights, he took out a whiteboard scroll and quickly wrote a complicated seal on the scroll surface and quickly printed, "It’s over! Seal printing, seven-night soul confinement! "
In an instant, I saw the seal symbol in the scroll rushing to Yan Ghost and pulling out a mass of black gas from his body.
"ah! ~ ~ ~ "With a piercing scream, I bit my finger for seven nights and completed the final stage of the seal type. Then I pressed the scroll for seven nights and drank a" seal! " As soon as the voice fell, the original scroll was shot up and black, and it was pressed by the golden chakra for seven nights
Then the guards who were resurrected by Yan Ghost broke up because they lost the support department of the performer, and the name of the country was restored because Yan Ghost was sealed, but because his soul had been tortured by Yan Ghost, it would soon die.
In fact, the soul confinement technique of Seven Nights is specially designed to deal with Hidan’s immortality and seal Kyubi no Youko’s ghosts. It has the same effect that the ghosts’ sealing is the power of death, while the sealing technique of Seven Nights is his own power. Please visit w w w format novels on the web.
Although I had to make a hokage here at one o’clock and seven nights, his practice still didn’t fall. In fact, this BUG has been in two places for seven nights. No one has found it, especially after seven nights of combining the six-day, seal-sealing and hokage (that is, "Muye Bofeng is Everyone’s Experience in Ninjutsu"), his strength has been further improved.
The original strength of Seven Nights has exceeded the scope of film level, and it is extremely difficult for him to go further. However, if he succeeds in breaking through this realm, it is not the same as the previous realm. Even he doesn’t know how strong his strength is now.
So seven nights will confidently complete their own strength to replace the power of death, and then change the whole corpse to seal the seal and form the current soul imprisonment
Although it is said that the seven nights’ nine seals are stronger than this sealing technique, and the theory is also the strongest sealing technique in this forbearing world, this technique consumes a lot of effort and chakra’s, and it takes a long time to print.
Although the soul confinement technique is as changeable, unsealable, solvable and safe as the Nine Envelopes, it is better than the flexible consumption of chakra, and even the newly forbearing can move freely and accurately, which is a must-have trick for home travel.
A tragic palace coup was thus quelled. Although many people were killed, compared with coups in other countries, this sacrifice was a bloodless one, and Lou Guo’s name eventually suffered the consequences because of misunderstanding and rumors, which not only accompanied his own life but also made him ruined.
Besides, those business travelers detained by Lou Guo personally came forward to rescue them because of the five generations of Huoying in Muyeyin Village. They were grateful to Germany.
In order not to provoke other countries to declare war on Lou Guo, ten soldiers and guards in Hengshan asked for seven nights and promised to help mediate. After Lou Guo paid a fixed amount of compensation, those countries that came to declare war also gave this five generations of fire a shadow.
The related matters were not settled until the seventh night when they arrived in Louguo on the third day.
The so-called retire after success, since things have already happened here, there is no need to stay here. Besides, they have their own journey for seven nights. On the morning of the fourth day, the group packed up and prepared to leave.